The Holocaust Story

If the Holocaust was an event in history, it should be open to the routine critical examination to which all other historical events are open. Those who feel it right to argue against the “unique monstrosity” of the Germans should be free to do so. No one should be imprisoned for thought crimes. Contrary to how Hollywood and the Israeli-Firsters have it, the Holocaust story is not about Jews. It’s about Jews and Germans together, inseparable, for all time to come.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Those Prosecuted for “Denying the Holocaust” Are Now the Prosecutors

They are exposing the Great Lie, whose days are numbered.

Potsdam, 7 October 2005

Dirk Reinecke, the Reich citizen indicted by the State Prosecutor in Potsdam on charges of “Denying the Holocaust,” has submitted to the Potsdam District Court his legal brief prepared by his defending attorney, Sylvia Stolz. On the day he is acquitted, the Holocaust jurists who once inspired terror among patriotic citizens will no longer be able to defend themselves with the excuse that they “just didn’t know what all was involved.” Reinecke’s complaint, which charges the subject jurists with treason and acting as accessories in the moral assassination of the German nation, comprises more than 1000 pages with attachments.

The foreign domination of the German nation set a trap for itself with the Holocaust muzzle law (Section 130 Paragraph 3 of Strafgesetzbuch (penal code).

That trap has now snapped shut. As we shall soon see, those who are caught in the trap will themselves soon be standing before the court as defendants.

The Holocaust jurists are being stripped of their masks and exposed as willing executioners employed by Germany’s foreign masters. You ask: how can they be prosecuted? Well, the basic question in every Holocaust trial is always whether the Holocaust is offenkundig (obvious, manifest, self-evident) or not. Until now, that question has been asked very infrequently in the German halls of justice, and always without success. I am aware of only three cases in which the defense was courageous enough to ask this question. Without exception the defending attorneys themselves wound up on trial.

Two of these have already been convicted of “Holocaust Denial” along with their clients.

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