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If the Holocaust was an event in history, it should be open to the routine critical examination to which all other historical events are open. Those who feel it right to argue against the “unique monstrosity” of the Germans should be free to do so. No one should be imprisoned for thought crimes. Contrary to how Hollywood and the Israeli-Firsters have it, the Holocaust story is not about Jews. It’s about Jews and Germans together, inseparable, for all time to come.

Friday, October 07, 2005

NSA report calls Holocaust 'deniers' scholars

The normally super-secret National Security Agency (a.k.a. NSA, a.k.a. No Such Agency) has issued a report, Eavesdropping on Hell, which refers to Holocaust revisionists as scholars. Report author Robert Hanyok mentions the Journal of Historical Review, which he describes as a "forum for that faction of scholars and researchers." In a footnote, Hanyok characterizes the Journal's publisher, the Institute for Historical Review, as "a loosely organized scholarly association" that promotes "a revisionist or denial viewpoint about the Holocaust."

As you can imagine, the usual suspects are apoplectic that a report put out by a branch of the Israeli-occupied U.S. government would treat Holocaust revisionists as humans, let alone as scholars.

There's a full account of the furor over this characterization here.


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